Examples of Systems Using Sanki's Unique Technology

Classic-Style Bowl Systems

Sanki drives are widely used to power systems which consist of bowl and linear feeders with an optional hopper. The bowl can be inside or outside tooled, stainless fabricated or machined, and built to various specs including demanding FDA and Class 10 Clean Room requirements. Other features as follows:

Sanki Piezo-Electric Vibratory Feeder, Fabricated Stainless Bowl, High-Speed Versatile feeding

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Clean Room (Class 10, ISO 4) Feeders

Clean room feeders built using Sanki's piezo-electric drives do not require any additional enclosure due to extremely low particulate emission. All parts are plated, and running surfaces are hard-plated. The bowl interior is also urethane coated to give maximum life and easy clean up. Hex-head fasteners are also used to make it easy to keep the system clean.

  • very compact - example system uses 3" bowl with height of bowl and drive less than 4"!
  • carbon-fiber leaf springs produce finely-controller vibration and exceptional life with no hard-particle emissions
  • low magnetic field suitable for magnetically sensitive parts
  • stable, low-amplitude vibration allows for quiet,long-term operation with minimal intervention

Sanki Piezo Vibratory Feeder for Clean Room (Class 10) operation

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Drum Feeders

Drum feeders are perfect for parts that are relatively small and easily oriented. These systems use a drum at one end which provides recirculation and randomization of the parts. Parts are brought out of the drum on the linear tooling, which also hold parts in back-pressure to serve as a buffer. Other features are as follows:

  • Low Cost!
  • Delivery from 4 weeks!
  • Miniature Footprint
  • quiet operation with long-life tooling
  • high-level sensor on linear tooling standard
  • available options include loading chute, dual lane output, drum-low sensor, and more!

Sanki drum feeder - best for smaller parts and low feed rates, very compact and low-cost

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Fork Feeders ("Box" or "Racetrack") Style

Fork feeders can be tooled in a "Box" or "Racetrack" style to allow oriented parts to flow into a contained output area while parts that are the wrong orientation recirculate into return tooling. This type of system uses fully linear tooling which means that orientation tooling can be machined on relatively simple milling equipment. Other features are as follows:

  • miniature size
  • machined tooling
  • available for small-medium sized parts (system feeding fuses shown at right)
  • high-level sensor on linear tooling standard
  • available options include multi-lane output, hopper, and more!

Sanki Piezo-Electric Feeder, Fork-Feeder (Box or Racetrack Feeder) Style, Vibratory Feeder with Machined Tooling

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Feeder Feeding Semiconductor Parts

Fork Feeders - Parallel Tooling Style

Fork feeders can also be built with orientation and return rails parallel to each other. In these systems an extra device such as a drum or a riser is used to elevate parts from the return rail to the orientation rail. The orientation rail manipulates parts to deliver as many as possible in the correct orientation to the outfeed section at the end of the rail. The outfeed scetion includes full containment to allow for back pressure and create a buffer to maintain constant feed rate. The hopper delivers parts into the return tooling as needed, at which point the parts can start to move through the system. Other features are as follows:

  • miniature size
  • machined tooling
  • available for small-medium sized parts
  • high-level sensor on linear tooling standard

Sanki Piezo-Electric Vibratory Feeder, Fork type with Parallel Tooling and Drum Return

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for Miniature Parts

Chip Feeders

Sanki piezo-electric drives are perfect for feeding tiny parts such as chip resistors and capacitors. Various configurations are available including the system shown at right which uses a hopper, riser, and parallel linear drive to move parts quickly and smoothly through 4 pieces of tooling. The systems are so compact that a dozen of them would fit on a desk, yet extremely high feed rates are standard. Other features are as follows:

  • fully machined hopper, riser, orientation and return tooling
  • 6,000ppm feed rate possible depending on the part
  • Accessories include de-ionizer, piezo-operated spacers and flippers, and more!
Sanki Piezo-Electric Vibratory Feeder - Chip Feeder using Hopper, Riser, and Machined Linear Tooling on a Parallel Vibratory Drive
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