MEG Cam-Driven Pick & Place Machines

Cam-Driven Pick & Place Units Fit Just Right!

Mirai Inter-Tech is proud to introduce the MEG line of Cam-Driven Pick & Place units. These machines provide a fully assembled 2 axis solution for transferring parts with very high accuracy in applications where long service life is critical.

Compared to pneumatic solutions a cam-driven pick and place system offers the following advantages:

  • better dynamic repeatability
  • longer service life
  • simpler operation (1 output runs a cycle)
  • high-speed operation
  • minimal assembly required

Compared to servo electric pick and place systems MEG cam-driven units are much less expensive. Where pneumatic systems struggle and servo-electric systems are too expensive MEG Pick & Place Units fit perfectly!

See video of MEG Cam-Driven Pick & Place Units in Action.

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MEG Low-Cost Cam-Driven Pick & Place Machines - Long Life with high Accuracy

MEG Pick & Place Units deliver long life with high accuracy!

  • Strokes (vertical and horizontal) pre-set to your spec
  • Dynamic Repeatability of ±0.015mm (0.0006")
  • 6,000 hour minimum life, simple maintenance to prolong life indefinitely
  • Payload up to 2kg
  • Extremely simple control - as little as 1 output per cycle
  • All setup and adjustments are quick and easy to understand with no software required!
  • Tool plate location can be central, left or right, or overhead
  • Economy, Standard, Longer Stroke and Stepper Drive models available
  • 86 cycles per minute available on the Economy model
  • 150 cycles per minute available on the Stepper model
  • Powered directly from your line voltage
  • Various options available

Shown here is a MEG Economy Class Pick & Place unit with 90° rotating gripper attachment.

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This video shows a comparison of the smoothness, speed, and accuracy of motion between pneumatic and cam-driven Pick & Place systems.

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This video shows a variety of MEG products being used to pick, place, center, flip, and index electronic components at high speed.
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Now Introducing MEG's High-Speed Pick-up Actuator!


NEW! MEG Introduces a line of Electric Grippers!


  • Eliminate Air from your end-of-arm tooling
  • Fast acting
  • Various Sensing Options
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