MDC Series Low-Cost DC Electric Actuators

DC electric actuators with the force and feedback you need!

The MDC line of low-cost DC actuators are engineered to provide high forces in demanding environments. Control is extremely simple with extend and retract motions governed by the polarity of voltage input.

MDC cylinders are available in a range of stroke lengths and are constructed from aluminum and stainless steel. Acme screws, ballscrews, and sintered metal gears deliver maximum life.

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MDC Low-cost DC Linear Actuators, MDC3 and MDC10 series, 12V, 24V, 36V

The MDC line is easy to use!

  • Connect and operate in 2 minutes!
  • Static load up to 13,600N (3,060 lbf)
  • Analog and Hall-Effect feedback options
  • Built-in limit switches
  • IP-65 protection standard
  • Strokes from 50 - 612mm (2 - 24")
  • Clevis-Clevis mounting
  • Built tough to last!
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